Thursday, 1 December 2016

A-Z Camp Vocabulary

WALT write down a A-Z vocabulary relating to Camp

A. Adventure
B. Beach
C. Cabins
D. Dancing 
E. Enthusiastic
F. Food
G. Guitar
H. Hammock
I. Inspiring
J. Joyful
K. Kindness
L.  Learning
M. Marshmallows
N. Noisy
O. Opponent
P. Pranking 
Q. Quiet
R. Reflection
S. Singing
T. Teamwork
U. United
V. Victory
W. Whispering
X. Xtraodinary
Y. Yelling
Z. Zone

Today I have been describing about how FUN!!! camp was. This is what we have been up to at camp. 
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Camp Highlight

WALT: write our highlights about camp.
Today as we were learning the people who went to camp had to answer questions about how we have changed in a good way.My reflection will be about how we all had fun with each other for 4 days and 3 nights. While we were having fun we also learnt facts about ourselves that we didnt even know. It was also fun because I and my friends have built a closer relationship and I have also made new friends with people I didn't know I things in common with them.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Diamond Poetry

As we came back from camp, room 1 decided to write a diamond poem about how it was learning around my friends all day long. My first poem is about the flying fox, my second poem is about the cabins we all slept in and my last poem was all about fiafia night.





Here is my 3 diamond poetries about my camp journeys
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Camp Reflection

Monday 28th November 2016
Before Camp
Camp was on Tuesday 22nd November to Friday 25 November. But before camp on Monday I was really nervous because I had no idea on how camp was going to turn out. I also did not have that much confidence inside of me and I did not bond with my friends that much. In my point of view before camp I felt like it will be boring and I wont have time to have and hang out with my friends as I usually hang out with them. I also thought that it would be all about learning but like writing on books all the time. Here is what I thought that camp was going to be all about.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Steven Adams maths

WALT: answer questions about Steven adams which includes maths

Today for maths my buddy today was Amelia. We had to answer questions about how tall he is more then and also how far his birthday is from mine. The slide shows you the answer and how we solved the problems.
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What people think about me????

Today in learning we my class decided to make a poster and write 5 things about myself. Once we have finished doing that we then had to go around write something about that person. In my poster some people thought that i was intelligent smart and much more. Here is a photo of my poster.The photo is showed on how people thought about me.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Guy fawkes!

This is our group presentation that shows, the questions we came up with as a class, and answered in groups, pairs or even individually. I worked in a group of 3-4 people, we came up with interesting questions, along with exclusive answers. The main purpose of our research was to ask questions, and find answers based on Guy Fawkes, and Fireworks.. But mainly Guy Fawkes. In the presentation, provided for the specific audience to view.. there are questions based, and about Guy Fawkes being arrested, and also just facts about himself, and his past! Have you ever, thought about why the celebration of Guy Fawkes, or Fireworks, are important? Well if you would like to read about this.

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