Thursday, 1 December 2016

A-Z Camp Vocabulary

WALT write down a A-Z vocabulary relating to Camp

A. Adventure
B. Beach
C. Cabins
D. Dancing 
E. Enthusiastic
F. Food
G. Guitar
H. Hammock
I. Inspiring
J. Joyful
K. Kindness
L.  Learning
M. Marshmallows
N. Noisy
O. Opponent
P. Pranking 
Q. Quiet
R. Reflection
S. Singing
T. Teamwork
U. United
V. Victory
W. Whispering
X. Xtraodinary
Y. Yelling
Z. Zone

Today I have been describing about how FUN!!! camp was. This is what we have been up to at camp. 
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